Drugs are super cheap at Costco…Forreal

OK. My mind is officially blown.

I heard this week that my insurance appeal was denied. My doctor is trying a second level appeal but they aren’t hopeful. I find it completely horrifying that an insurance company can determine what drugs I should and should not take – but that’s actually not what this rant is about.

When she told me about my denied appeal, the nurse at my neurologist’s office suggested I try Costco. She said some of their patients who have dickheads running their prescription drug programs (oops..) have found better prices there. For $10/pill it seemed worth a shot.

So I called Costco. They quoted me a cost of $37.71 for 30 days.

I thought it was a mistake. I asked her several times…basically accusing her of being incompetent and/or lying to me but she repeated, “It will be $37.71 for 30 pills m’am.”

This doesn’t do a damn thing to address the fucked up nature of a system that puts business before patient needs and quality of life. It also doesn’t mean a goddamn thing if you are scraping by by the skin of your teeth and $40/month for drugs isn’t in the budget.

But, wow. I’m sure glad I called. And I will gleefully drive all the way to Homestead to pick up the pills that make me feel human even though it’s not terribly convenient. I’m not currently a Costco member (I live alone…I try to buy things in tiny quantities not mass quantities) and I don’t have to be a member to get this price…but I’m about to be Costco’s newest member.

And I may buy massive quantities of TP while I’m there too. Never hurts to be prepared.

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