Eff you, Charlotte Airport

Charlotte airport gets strike TWO.

I waited for 25 minutes for my wheels, until I gave up and walked. I got as far as the “assistance hub” where I saw two official looking guys in suits. They got a rather large piece of my mind. They took my info so that they could “make amends” that I have to tell you I won’t be holding my breath for.

I’m dosed, granted. I walked OK but I knew the Charlotte airport was too much walking and there was no reason to risk it. It makes me wonder…what do the people do who can’t walk even as far as I did? I mean, those people are seriously screwed. As I sat waiting, not one employee would catch my eye to tell me how much longer, probably because they knew I was screwed. Like I said, I could walk a few gates and not stumble, thanks to my magic Provigil legs, but what about old people? Or people who can’t even make it that far?

An American Airlines gate agent explained to me that because of the merger with USAirways, all of the handicapped assistance is in the process of being transitioned over to a private company for support. She said their own people are mainly losing their jobs. As a result, she explained, she had five people sitting more than an hour waiting for chairs or an electric cart for over an hour on the flight before mine. FIVE people who probably hated to ask for the help in the first place.

When people tell you that all you have to do to get help is ask or it, that is utter shite. Even when you ask for it, there’s only a 50/50 chance or less that you will actually get said help. The travel industry is failing the ADA big time.  The helpful but powerless gate agent told me to go to the Department of Transportation and file a formal complaint. She said it’s the only way to make any change.

This brings me around to politics…imagine that transition! But here’s the thing…for those people out there who firmly believe in a smaller, less intrusive federal government because they believe that private industry will do the right thing and make decisions that are in the best interests of the public – you’re high. Private industry will fuck the little guy every chance they get. Period. Without government, there is no Department of Transportation to complain to. There is no Americans with Disabilities Act. There is none of that shit.

Not to say anything of basic infrastructure we all rely on to live, but that is an entirely different rant. And I have a 4PM meeting to get to.

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