The game of life

I’ve been dying to write. Ideas have been popping into my head left and right, topics for discussion, news related to my MS, my life…life in general!

Here’s the thing. I went back to work this week. I’ve been off work since mid-December because I stacked a bunch of unused vacation days to use at the end of the year. I had a nice long break. I needed a nice long break, so it was most welcome this time. I’ve done this before but I usually don’t enjoy it as much. I used to start missing the hustle and bustle of daily life. I start missing the office. I guess I did that this time, too, but looking back on the week, I’m starting to realize some things.

I needed a break from work but I was surprised by how much I needed it. Once it was underway, I realized how much space work takes up not only in my brain but in my body and my soul. It takes a lot of effort to keep things moving like everything is “normal.” All of that pretending takes a lot of concentration and focus.

I was in my bed every single night this week by or before 8PM. I even worked from home one day. I got a ton of things accomplished last week at work, I really did. I enjoyed it. I was excited by it.

I was also completely depleted by it.

So even though I have many things in my mind and on my mind that I want to write about both here and in my journal, I haven’t had the energy to do it. Playing the game called daily life has taken precedence.

I guess that will happen. Bloggin’ ain’t easy.

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