They like me…

They really like me!

Well. That’s probably going a bit far but I got this in the mail today:

Of course, I have no actual idea how I actually go about getting this fancy new drug, no clue how much it’s gonna cost me or how I actually get the drug into my grubby hands but as you would expect, I’ve already contacted the ever helpful Nurse Carol to ask for her assistance. 

Oh. One more thing. I also have no idea if this drug will work or what it will do to me otherwise, such as side effects etc. I suppose I’ll be finding out. Eventually. Once the magical specialty pharmacy elves deposit my new pills in the stocking that is currently hanging by my fireplace (I’m guessing that’s not how it works at all, but wouldn’t that be nice?)

It’s hard for me to get my head around how a drug can help me to walk better. It’s just so…strange. How is it going to do that exactly? It sounds to me suspiciously like some kind of voodoo trick or a magical elixir that one would purchase from the back of a covered wagon. Do they have a specialty drug that will make me fly too? I would find that claim easier to believe than the idea that I will pop a pill (or two) each day that will suddenly make my legs operate more like legs should.

It’s funny to me how this whole thing plays out. It’s like one giant game. First you try to get the drug. Then you wait for the drug to come (I assume the specialty pharmacy delivers?), then you hold your breath waiting to see if it makes you grow facial hair or a second chin while it’s also trying to help you walk a bit better. 

I guess we’ll see, then, won’t we? Until then, I will wait with baited breath for some sign of what comes next. I’m becoming an excellent waiter. 

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