Check that…

Quick update. So, that whole positive things are looking up I’m getting my new walking drug update that I just posted yesterday?

Someone made a mistake. 

There was an error in the dates designated on the pre-authorization. The specialty pharmacy had to resubmit it. But nobody told me. First I had to talk to the ever- helpful Great Scott’s office (so not helpful). They did give me the telephone number for the specialty pharmacy. 

Ok then. Another phone call. Another 40 minutes of confusion. Another non-answer answer: “There’s nothing you can do. Maybe your neurologist can call and ask them to expedite the new pre-auth.”

Email Nurse Carol. Again. 

I know lots of people have experienced this whole health care system circle jerk. I know many people have life-threatening diseases and they, too, are likely jumping through these ridiculous hoops, being told one thing then another. Losing precious minutes of their potentially short lives waiting on hold. Maybe some don’t even have the energy or ability to chase it all down. I know how lucky I am to have insurance at all!

I know all of these things. Yet none of them make me feel any better. 

I should probably buy some cool furnishings and high-quality sheets with which to furnish the rabbit hole I keep falling down. It appears I’ll be spending a lot of time down here.

Might as well get comfy.