People are really…nice sometimes

You already know this has been a tough week. I’ve been struggling openly with a myriad of annoying symptoms that are seriously getting me down. Mostly, my walking has been for shit and that just makes a lot of things (mainly everything) harder.

I had to be in the office today for visiting dignitaries. This took planning akin to what I assume must have gone down when taking down Osama bin Laden. Don’t get it twisted. I am wearing what could pass for black pajamas but my hair is mostly clean and I at least attempted to cover my old lady acne covered face with something resembling makeup. I did my best.

I was so excited when I was in the car with time to spare until I realized I had no gas in said car and I was already in town (where there are no gas stations, of course) and it was literally 5 minutes until my first meeting started with new clients…so I couldn’t go get gas. I was on fumes. I should have gotten gas yesterday but when your brain is preoccupied with things like WALKING you forget the little things in life. Like the fact that you are dangerously low on petrol.

I realize when I get to the office that there is practically nobody here. I mean, literally almost everyone is out at meetings or production or vacation or whatnot – but the bottom line is that none of the people who know me well enough to be asked to do something so insane as to go get gas for me while I’m on a two hour conference call were physically present.

The problem is, the visiting dignitary was arriving at 3PM. He had only a short time to chat with me before getting on a call at 4PM. And then we had to leave for dinner by 5:30PM because it takes me so freaking long to get anywhere when my legs are acting so crappy (as they are today, because of course they are) that I have to build in time for very, awkwardly slow-walking to and fro.

There is no time in there to drive to either of the Sides (North or South where I’m guessing the closest gas station is) and we all know I don’t move very fast so add time on either end for me to get TO my car and then back to the office FROM my car. There just wasn’t time for me to get there and back.

I could think of nothing but me driving around with our CEO in the car a little later and running out of gas and then not being able to walk anywhere because I have broken legs and OMG. WHY WHY WHY???

I work with angel-people.

They look like regular old people. But they are angels in disguise. I begged my favorite designer (don’t tell him he’s my favorite) to go get my car, go get gas and then return to the office. I tell him how embarrassed I am. I make sure he’s not too crazy busy to leave the office first (he probably lied to me about that). His only question was “It’s an automatic right?” I would have hugged him but that might be seen as moderately inappropriate so I just gushed about how he was literally saving my life, while my conference call is on mute (in a meeting where other angel-people attended in person, covering for me like pros, so I didn’t have to fly to Charlotte today for another meeting).

I stuffed a bunch of twenties in my favorite designer’s hands along with the car keys making it clear that he was to keep ALL change. This angel, in the form of a scruffy tattoo-covered imp, does ALL of this and then stuffs the change BACK in my hand, refusing to take it.

Sometimes when you are at the end of your rope, people are what save you. This sounds insanely dramatic – but I needed help today and someone helped me. I’m very lucky to work with so many talented and kind angel-people who do more for me than I deserve.

I’m very grateful.

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