Is drunk therapy a thing?

Bitmoji me’s hair looks freakishly like my real hair

Today is a most special day.

It’s my first ever double-long therapy session with my precious (aka Cheryl). I asked her at my last session if we could plan a longer session because I have so much more to talk about now and I always feel like I’m just getting to the good stuff when the clock strikes 4:10PM and I turn into a pumpkin and she pushes me out the door to the open angry glares of the man who’s after me every Tuesday, who’s sitting in the waiting room wondering if I’m ever going to stop talking.

And as per expectation, today is double-long session day and I’m over here feeling pretty good. I have actual clothes on that aren’t stretchy. I mean, I’m wearing jeans for the first time in months, people. I did a good job with my makeup today too. I’m not wearing sneakers (thanks Fly London). I remembered to put on jewelry. I both showered yesterday AND got my nails did. I could pass for old me. Almost.

I even ate eggs in a bowl before leaving the house. I’m kind of on my game, you might say.

I’m considering stopping at the liquor store on my way there and just asking Cheryl if she wants to share a bottle of champagne instead of talking about my life that’s gone to shit.

I’m really missing champagne.

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