Another quickie

It was a good day today. I know I write a lot about the bad days so I thought I’d change it up and mark one of the good ones. 

Here’s what made today so entirely good:

  1. I was on vacation. Day two of guilt-free living. 
  2. I found out today I am officially approved for Ocrevus!! CVS/Caremark didn’t screw me!
  3. I also found out today I was approved for the Ocrevus patient assistance program which means I will pay a hefty sum of FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS for my twice yearly infusions. That is not a typo. 
  4. I saw my precious, aka Cheryl my Therapist, and we both felt very happy with my latest epiphanies. 
  5. I had a blue plate special dinner with one of my best and longest friends. We met in kindergarten. She met me at 4:30pm. She didn’t care about my yoga pants or my lack of makeup. We laughed and laughed. 

Today was a good day. I’ll take it. 

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